Saturday, April 19, 2014

Loving your life...!!

Many people on this earth, around you, may not like their lives. They may be finding many reasons to hate their lives. They may blame it on system, government, neighbours, tv  or may be God. They are always unhappy and unsatisfied. For them, this life is nothing but a curse. They feel the pain at each and every moment. Small difficulties become gigantic for them. And they are always looking for some change, miracle or the moment to change.

But unfortunately for 99% of those frustrated people, this change or miracle or moment never happens. And they live whole life without enjoying it. Its very important to cherish and enjoy each and every moment in your life. Life is never perfect for many people, but that doesn't mean you ignore little happiness moments happening in your life. You may think that you have never seen happiness moments in may be past year, month or days. But actually, it occurs everyday and in every moment. Your eyes, full of disappointments, simply ignores it. Worrying about future will not change it. Its all about present and your actions which matters

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