Monday, May 21, 2012

Virtual World- The main deterrence of current generation

When I say virtual world , many things comes in my mind. The most important things which falls under this category is TV, Internet, Movies, Games, Magazines, Novels or similar kinda books etc. Again the question is raised that why we need to look into this matter? Why we are discussing effects of virtual world in this current generation?

Today TV is considered to be the source of entertainment. People call it idiot box but still they are addicted to it. Billion dollars business is only because of TV. People are already aware that watching TV is nothing but wasting your precious time but still they fall in that well happily.

Today's generation waste hours watching crap programs. TV has been part of their daily routine. They can't survive without TV for even 1 day. Their preferences are changed and their mentality is totally decided on their TV programs. People don't understand harmfulness of TV and allow little kids to watch anything they like it. TV can not filter information and show it age wise. So children are exposed to all adult material through TV. Even small deo ad can cause dangerous effects on mind of small child. Some dialogues and TV scenes causes dangerous effects on plain mind of small child. Child doesn't know about how better that information on TV so he watches it as a time pass. Parents can not estimate long term effects of TV on child mind. Overall it is cause of concern when any TV scene or dialogues approaches to children and not filtered.

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