Friday, May 18, 2012

Problem - A point of view which matters the most.

We all think that our life is full of problems. We often curse God for that. We find ourselves the most cursed human who face problems in all stages which comes along with your success or desires. We often consider ourselves the different one who has some big problems in Kundali, Birth dates, circumstances, parents, sisters, brothers, job, social life, caste, nation or nature. We always blame others for problems we are facing in our life. We feel distressed when we try and fail to solve big problems.

Is problem really matters? Is it so big to be considered as a main obstacle of our own growth? are problems hindrance to our growth or success?

The answers is NO. Problem is real essence of life. Life is nothing but a flat and tasteless object if you remove problem from it. Problems gives a shape to your life and personality. Problems are the real matter to concern. We should be pleased when problem comes in our life. Problems gives us the resistance power to fight future calamities.

Lets take an example. Consider a situation where you live in a simple town which is considered to be safest for living. You are not habitual and you don't have any knowledge about how to tackle any natural calamity because  you have never seen any. You have never faced any earth quakes in your entire life and you just heard  about quakes in books. You have never arranged any precautionary instruments for the time when actual earth quake occurs. You can never think of calamity which you have never faced. If such big calamity comes to your town, you will fail to survive because you are not taught to. You are not taught by your experiences to survive in such condition. On other hand people who love in earth quake prone zone have all sage guards in hand and they can easily survive in such condition because they have already faced it several times.

So actually Problems are to train you in right direction. Struggle is to shape your point of view and personality. Difficulties are real treasures of self esteem and self confidence. Don't move away from problems. Just face it and enjoy it.

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