Sunday, September 11, 2011

Limitations are meant to be broken.

When someone says that thing is beyond my limit...When someone says that.. "I cant do this".....When someone says that "I am not eligible"....When someone says that.. "I am nothing before him"............................ ,I feel ashamed of calling them Humans.

                                            Who decides your limitation? Who decides your capacity? Your teacher? Your mother? You?? No!! Its circumstances which form your limitation   Ask guy from tribe of Africa , How he survives living in the most unhygienic atmosphere. Ask Person from Somaliya living in the ravenous condition for years. Ask this thing for those who have guinnesse book of records for having out standing records inspite of having human like us. Ask this question to those who have cancer and still have smiles. Ask Gandhi who won freedom for India with not a single drop of Blood. Was "Freedom with non -violence " possible before 1947? Ask same question to Obama..Could a single American even think of getting Black Person as President before 50 years?
                                            Limitations are never defined or invariable. They are always meant to be broken. Limitations are something formed by Human nature or Human understanding which he derived from his surrounding or may be from his education or schools. People never believed man flying before right brother invented Plane and fly for the first time. We are the person who bound ourselves in boundries formed by our psychological influences. When we were of age 5 , our limitation was to ride a scooter. When we were of age 10, our limitation was to comprehend Calculus. Time and Period is also one of the factor which determine limitation. As it  passes, limitation is automatically overcome.
                                      We are acutually binding ourself with so much limitation that we think twice before doing any handy work. Even if you are able to do that work but because of having idea of your limitation , you can hardly do it. If you firmly think that some work can be done by you in slice of time , may be you can do that work successfully. So limits are nothing but virtual boundries which are actually hinders for any optimist and the person who has some goals in life. Probably when they realize that they can do it, time has already passed. So recognization of your powers and your expertise in early stages is also important to gain boons.

How to know what you can do?
                     "Impossible is nothing. Everything is possible" Its an old idiom which is difficult to digest. So better follow some practical steps.
1) See what others can do.
                      As I told you in second para that there are other people who can do things like miracles in their life which is difficult for  normal human because "Normal Human know his limitation and Those great people doesnt". If those normal people have sane brain , same hands, same eyes, same mind and with all these if they can do everything they determine , why can I do? The point which is important here is "Determination" and Attitude of "Never Give up".

2) Tell your self daily that " I can do everything. I have enormous powers. I can do "this" ". Believe in your self. Give some time to your self.

3) Love yourself. Dont indulge into hurting yourself by any means. Your body Your soul is gift of God. Love it and Make it useful for God.

4)_Look at Handicapped . If they can do so manythings with only one hand  or no eyes or no legs or whatever lacking, I am perfect.. What I can do...................

5) Read books which empowers your mind and which makes you full of viva and energy.

6) Help others. Ya helping other will help you love yourself and which gives you internal satisfaction. But help has to be selfless and totally devoted.

At last.. Just keep faith in God. He is with you. He is in you. He sees everything. When you are in difficulty, He sends someone to help you. So show him that you need no help. You can do it by yourself. Be great son of Father God..................