Friday, August 12, 2011

Some Eternal Rules that One SHOULD Follow.

In Hinduism there are some basic understandings which one should follow in order to make one's life truthful, joyful and grateful. One can be proud father, mother, son, brother and friend by following these basic principles. Hinduism has never forced anyone  to follow any particular rules but rather it gives you choices from good and bad.
Some Basic Rules:

1) Respect your parents. They play role of God on the earth for us. They can never be wrong. If they , explain them with respect. They may have less knowledge but they gave you birth and that obligation can never be paid. They oppose you because they take care of you.

2)  Give respect to Teacher, Guide and Guru. He is the one who gave you eyes to see the world. He is the one who make you understand the word "Knowledge."  He is the one who cares for your good future and bright career. He is the one by whom you are known to the world today.

3) Give Respect to old people. They are responsible for forming this society. They are responsible for your betterment today. They worked hard for their next generation to live happy life. They faced difficulties to make you feel ease. They are base of morale society. They are base of today's development and growth.

4)  Don't lambaste your child in public and extol his virtues in public. Make him understand good and bad thing in private.  Don't ignore his curiosity and dont avoid giving him answers to his questions. The more your child be curious more he will be intelligent. Dont suppress his ideas and his thought. Magnify his virtues and small good things.

5) Dont condemn your friend in public. Dont broadcast faults of your friend to world. Dont make your friend feel inferior in public. If he has any faults , tell him in person.

6) Praise your friend in public. Magnify his small qualities and tell in public. Support your friend in public.

7) Dont praise yourself in pubic. Dont make your self important by speaking it to all, just do it and show your greatness in your work. By praising your self in public, you are inviting your pride which may suppress your future ambitions. Praising one self in public is equivalent to killing oneself.

8) Believe in God.

9) Be Honest. Dont try to cheat anyone. Dont take anything for free. Just get everything by your own money. Things in free is considered to be immoral in Hinduism. You should believe in your hands that they can earn anything they want except those free things. Dont take donations and have self respect.

Many more to come .......pausing till next round of rules...............


  1. No, sorry, don't agree with most of those points. Life is more complex than that and I can see infinite number of moral dilemmas and mischief that can be caused by slavishly adhering to them. Instead, take every situation in its own context and apply more universal yet abstract moral precepts. EG. try and avoid causing needless suffering for other sentient beings capable of feeling such: that is the main face of evil. etc.

  2. These points are neither invented by me nor by any other specific person. These points are required to make your personal life happy and morally rich. If you are happy with your family and personal life , your social life will also be good. These concepts indirectly makes your life happier. You will never get to know the effect of following these points unless you look back. In life you have to do needless efforts in order to make others happy. This is the only way to make your life full of happiness and internal satisfaction.