Monday, July 18, 2011

False Ego.

I am better than anyone.
None is better than me.
You should follow me.
How can u say this to me?
I am superior.  I am your boss.  I am above you.  I can't be treated like this.  How can u say this to me?  I am totally right.  I can never be wrong.  I don't like this so don't do this.  How can you criticize me? How can I be wrong?  I am perfect . God doesn't exist. Everything is done by me.  I am ruler of you all. I have powers.

                              " I ", "me "  and "my world.". This is the sign of false ego. If you believe in  any one of above sentences , you are having false ego.
                                These kind of persons  are far from self growth and self development. These people feel uncomfortable when something goes beyond their comfort zone and their way of thinking. These kind of people dont believe in helping others. They carry "manners". They only show flamboyance of manners, kindness or care of others. They dont have heart to feel others problem . They cant go beyond their circle of influence and care others sacrificing personal goals or benefits. They dont understand people who sacrifice their life for the cause of other , poor and needy. They call these "freaking" helpful person a FOOL. They think that if you help others ignoring your personal pleasures and benefits then you are moron. If you talk or gossip with your fellow mates below your post or designation,  you are insulting yourself and doesn't suit to your level. They call it so called "Professionalism" to nourish their false ego and also to term it positive. They encourage others to carry same false ego and be professional. This way the whole organization becomes factory full of robots.
Is it Wrong??
                  Is it wrong helping others in office ignoring self benefits?
                  Is it wrong not doing flattering to seniors ?
                  Is it wrong having respect to your juniors?
                  Is it wrong having  tendency to talk to any senior without fear?
                  Do we need to have low, weak voice and fear in words while talking to seniors?
                  Is it wrong coming out of our comfort zone and try to address some personal problems of my colleague?
                  Is it wrong in thinking about poor and talk to them and resolve their problems?
                  Is it wrong in talking to people from below standard with respect?
                  Does only rich have respect?



  1. This is a great piece Ravi, thanks so much for sharing it, I get a lot of inspiration from this master piece, well written and well said, keep posting, from oceans and miles away I am reading.

  2. Hey stephan thnx a lot... for encouraging me....I will surely try to write whatever useful for others.

  3. How about... "I have a God and he is all powerful and all knowing. If you dont believe what I believe my God is going to burn you in hell."

    You should definately put that on the list. :)

  4. why you people are running in making image of God only related to hell/?? God is very kind and very much friendly. He understands you. He loves you. Will father burn his child in hell? No. just realize your fault and apologize to God by heart. You will be forgiven. and God is there in everyone.