Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Be with You!

Waking up in the morning with intent to have something different and interesting in life. After having the same break fast ,you go  to office at the same time. Working in company just for money in mind. You work there but under pressure and without any interest only because you have to look after needs of your family. After working at company , you come to home having the same hope of getting something different and interesting in life. Then you engage yourself in problems of your kids, wife and parents. You try to please them all. And again sleeping with the hope of getting something new in life in the next day.
                         Dont you think that  this life is not one which you wanted to live? You want to live life like a sparrow which flies because she love to see sky beyond horizon. It flies because it loves to fly over oceans to see beauty of the world. It speaks in rhythmic way because it loves to sing a song. Dont you wanna live life like a free bird. Dont you wanna do work in which you have great interest and which drives you on? Dont you wanna live life???
                        Life is something which encourages you to gain more knowledge. Life is something like school of knowledge which wants you to study whole syllabus of Karma and want you to pass all exams of difficulties. Life is something which is always in process to enhance your skills and thinking level. The aim of life is to make you realize the aim of life which nothing but a self realization. You win half of the battle of life when you realize that everything happens to me is only because there is something which life wants me to understand . When you will start realizing that when difficulties are coming to your life then it is  actually at that time it is golden time for gaining knowledge. you will not run away from difficulties and will start face them like playing a game.  You have to change your attitude towards tribulations and diffuculties in life. If you take everything negatively like "Why this happens to me?", you will not be able to play this game of life in delighted mood and may be you will not gain the essence behind those tribulations.
                        When you were not able to walk as a kid, Life developed desire in you to walk. When you were  just spending money irresponsibly to gain just pleasures of senses, life gave you tribulation and difficulties to make you realize that life has something beyond this to understand. When you were not able to understand woman's emotions and insulted here, Life gave you a girl child to make you realize that woman has equal status like man. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing is coincident.
                        You might be feeling that why I wrote above two paragraph which is totally irrelevant to first para. But there is a reason. If you consider that I want something new apart from my regular life, you are wrong. Find something new in your regular life. You will definitely get something different and something interesting if you change your attitude to live your life. Change your thinking. Life gives equal opportunity for everyone to have knowledge and happiness. Happiness lies within you not out of you. Try to find it out by changing your point of view and thinking horizon.

Monday, July 18, 2011

False Ego.

I am better than anyone.
None is better than me.
You should follow me.
How can u say this to me?
I am superior.  I am your boss.  I am above you.  I can't be treated like this.  How can u say this to me?  I am totally right.  I can never be wrong.  I don't like this so don't do this.  How can you criticize me? How can I be wrong?  I am perfect . God doesn't exist. Everything is done by me.  I am ruler of you all. I have powers.

                              " I ", "me "  and "my world.". This is the sign of false ego. If you believe in  any one of above sentences , you are having false ego.
                                These kind of persons  are far from self growth and self development. These people feel uncomfortable when something goes beyond their comfort zone and their way of thinking. These kind of people dont believe in helping others. They carry "manners". They only show flamboyance of manners, kindness or care of others. They dont have heart to feel others problem . They cant go beyond their circle of influence and care others sacrificing personal goals or benefits. They dont understand people who sacrifice their life for the cause of other , poor and needy. They call these "freaking" helpful person a FOOL. They think that if you help others ignoring your personal pleasures and benefits then you are moron. If you talk or gossip with your fellow mates below your post or designation,  you are insulting yourself and doesn't suit to your level. They call it so called "Professionalism" to nourish their false ego and also to term it positive. They encourage others to carry same false ego and be professional. This way the whole organization becomes factory full of robots.
Is it Wrong??
                  Is it wrong helping others in office ignoring self benefits?
                  Is it wrong not doing flattering to seniors ?
                  Is it wrong having respect to your juniors?
                  Is it wrong having  tendency to talk to any senior without fear?
                  Do we need to have low, weak voice and fear in words while talking to seniors?
                  Is it wrong coming out of our comfort zone and try to address some personal problems of my colleague?
                  Is it wrong in thinking about poor and talk to them and resolve their problems?
                  Is it wrong in talking to people from below standard with respect?
                  Does only rich have respect?