Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blind Race

People are blind for anything they like or think good. People are running behind mirage. They just see someone winning any sport game and run behind them. What we are getting after chilling , watching for hours and feeling ecstasy for nothing. I am not condemning any parties, fun or enjoyment but just trying to put one thought. If any national team wins a cup in any sports then does that mean we have achieved lot? Does that mean India is super power? Does that means our sports condition will improve? Does that mean India will be more transparent in terms of Government service sector? Does that mean India have won the world? Why people give too much importance to any sportpersons? Are they really like god who gave us birth and all amenities to live life comfortably? How can we compare God and Religion with any sport event? Can 2-3 days of enjoyment will decide country's future?
People are directed in wrong ways. People are intentionally made addicted for Sports and Entertainment(e.g. TV, Movies and all). People give hyperbolic status to those persons involved in this mediums. For earning more and for getting highest status in society , these mediums make people addicted to Movies ..sports and all. Imagine one thing if People wont see any movie then can Actors be that much important to our country? If people dont see movies then can Actors be wealthier like anything?? We are the people responsible for ruining our life for just TV, Movies and Internet. Their usage is more then exaggerated. We need to look at our limits and use these medias in moderate way. Dont exaggerate your emotions for just nothing on TV. Just think twice about your personal time wastage and mind distraction.

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