Sunday, February 6, 2011

Self Control

Things often get worsen when you are not in your control.
Control..term tells us to stay away or abdicate something but what and why?
Stay away from your attraction , your familiarity, your habit, your ignorance of responsibilities, greediness and Lie or falsehood.
We often like something to do and we often do it but when it takes time span of your valuable time , then your downturn begins.
Human being has tendency to not to do things good and not to be good. He can be easily attracted to things which is immoral and pathetic. Man more like things favorable to him and which gives him pleasure. Its tendency of people to go after easy and quick flow and mimic others who are good.
What one has to do to control himself.??
I generally give suggestion of Meditation but it doesn't work if you have no faith in God ,consistency and proper guidance. Then what else can work . The answer is KNOWLEDGE. Only one thing works in current world and that is Logical understanding.
If you accept things logically then it will explain you by it self that why you should resist doing something. Lets take an example, Ramesh was addicted to spit on the soil. He used to do it even in Home compound. All family members were irritated by his this habit. One day one saint came to his village and gave Speech on Mother Soil. Saint explained everyone in a different way. He told that , we are humans made of five elements and one of them is Soil. We are made up of Soil. There are innumerable reasons why we should consider Soil as mother. Soil gives us birth, it gives us Food to run our life. It produces Tree to give us Oxygen to breath, It gives us Shelter , it gives us Home which is made of material from Soil, It gives us all needed things to run life in better way. If one thing gives you so many things with out asking in reward, then why cant you respect it. Why cant you salute it and be thankful to it.
Can anyone spit on Soil after putting it in place of mother? Definitely No . So today the thing required to control your self and step up to path to Truth and Responsibilities ,is KNOWLEDGE but to be taken  with respect and politeness.

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