Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In the Shadow of Non-Violence

Hindus dont believe in Non-violence under shade of cowardliness. Hindus instead worship their arms on Dashera and show strength to their enemies. Hindu nation will never have non-violence as policy as currently India have. No nation can be non-violent as far as national security and integrity is concerned. Bharat has been land of great VIR kings and Rajvadas who were eager to demolish the rule of injustice and falsehood. Non-violence as nation has never been policy for Hindu. Hindus instead were taught from childhood to demolish each and every unjust and sins they see. "Virata" seems to be disappeared in the name of Non-violence in this world. Remember Abhimanyu who knew that I dont know the 7th chakravyuh and my death if fixed but still he went to crack chakravyuh and sacrifice his life. Remember Bharata , the Great king of India, who loved to ride on Lion. Remember Maurya , man from slums become king of India. Remember Parshuram , who killed each and every Kings from the earth  who were become uncontrolled and cruel to people. Remember Shivaji , Maharana Pratap , Zhansi ki Rani,..........................so many people in the past showed their bravery and patriotism to their religion and nation. Now again there is need to reestablish Bravery and "VIRRAS" in Hinus.

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