Thursday, December 15, 2011

Life and Death-Spiritually....

We are Living!!!
Have you ever felt your liveliness? May be Never?
Have you ever thought that you are living one like butterfly and like beautiful flowers!!!
Have you ever felt the essence of yourself?
Have you ever felt being live and human is the most beautiful thing in the world!!!!!!
Yes ! You are living. This thing is the most beautiful and lively!!!!!
I can see Life in eyes of Black people. I can see life sprinkled in eyes of handicapped person.
I can see life coming out of eyes from old people. I can see life in me. I can see life in sound of Nature.
I can see life in smile of a little baby. How beautiful! Life is something which is naturally given to enjoy and to live it like King size.

But while we are living we often forget the importance of it. We get fluctuated from our actual path. We don't realize that we are living.  We often go and consider our life as a pain. We often curse our life and forget how wonder we are and our life is. We get distressed and dismay for smaller things but you often forget that you have the most important thing in the world to be happy and that thing is your life. Life is the source of happiness and jolliness. Realizing your liveliness will make you feel elevated. Realizing each and every breath you are taking will make you feel ecstasy of eternal realization of thyself.

Life always see other life happily. So when you see other with anger or jealousy,  you often forget to see life in him which is the same in you. The moment you realize that he has the same element as mine, you will start loving him.

Life is fun...Life is joy. Its insult to life and your self to say that you are depressed and you feel inferior. Life is gives you importance. Life gives you aim and strength to achieve your goal. Life makes you feel blessed.

Life is nothing but a joyful learning phase. You don't need to have fear of hell or heaven while living your life. Life can not be lived by any fear. Yes there has to be some restriction in order to progress but fear is not desirable. Life is independence but with all constructive restrictions.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Limitations are meant to be broken.

When someone says that thing is beyond my limit...When someone says that.. "I cant do this".....When someone says that "I am not eligible"....When someone says that.. "I am nothing before him"............................ ,I feel ashamed of calling them Humans.

                                            Who decides your limitation? Who decides your capacity? Your teacher? Your mother? You?? No!! Its circumstances which form your limitation   Ask guy from tribe of Africa , How he survives living in the most unhygienic atmosphere. Ask Person from Somaliya living in the ravenous condition for years. Ask this thing for those who have guinnesse book of records for having out standing records inspite of having human like us. Ask this question to those who have cancer and still have smiles. Ask Gandhi who won freedom for India with not a single drop of Blood. Was "Freedom with non -violence " possible before 1947? Ask same question to Obama..Could a single American even think of getting Black Person as President before 50 years?
                                            Limitations are never defined or invariable. They are always meant to be broken. Limitations are something formed by Human nature or Human understanding which he derived from his surrounding or may be from his education or schools. People never believed man flying before right brother invented Plane and fly for the first time. We are the person who bound ourselves in boundries formed by our psychological influences. When we were of age 5 , our limitation was to ride a scooter. When we were of age 10, our limitation was to comprehend Calculus. Time and Period is also one of the factor which determine limitation. As it  passes, limitation is automatically overcome.
                                      We are acutually binding ourself with so much limitation that we think twice before doing any handy work. Even if you are able to do that work but because of having idea of your limitation , you can hardly do it. If you firmly think that some work can be done by you in slice of time , may be you can do that work successfully. So limits are nothing but virtual boundries which are actually hinders for any optimist and the person who has some goals in life. Probably when they realize that they can do it, time has already passed. So recognization of your powers and your expertise in early stages is also important to gain boons.

How to know what you can do?
                     "Impossible is nothing. Everything is possible" Its an old idiom which is difficult to digest. So better follow some practical steps.
1) See what others can do.
                      As I told you in second para that there are other people who can do things like miracles in their life which is difficult for  normal human because "Normal Human know his limitation and Those great people doesnt". If those normal people have sane brain , same hands, same eyes, same mind and with all these if they can do everything they determine , why can I do? The point which is important here is "Determination" and Attitude of "Never Give up".

2) Tell your self daily that " I can do everything. I have enormous powers. I can do "this" ". Believe in your self. Give some time to your self.

3) Love yourself. Dont indulge into hurting yourself by any means. Your body Your soul is gift of God. Love it and Make it useful for God.

4)_Look at Handicapped . If they can do so manythings with only one hand  or no eyes or no legs or whatever lacking, I am perfect.. What I can do...................

5) Read books which empowers your mind and which makes you full of viva and energy.

6) Help others. Ya helping other will help you love yourself and which gives you internal satisfaction. But help has to be selfless and totally devoted.

At last.. Just keep faith in God. He is with you. He is in you. He sees everything. When you are in difficulty, He sends someone to help you. So show him that you need no help. You can do it by yourself. Be great son of Father God..................

Friday, August 12, 2011

Some Eternal Rules that One SHOULD Follow.

In Hinduism there are some basic understandings which one should follow in order to make one's life truthful, joyful and grateful. One can be proud father, mother, son, brother and friend by following these basic principles. Hinduism has never forced anyone  to follow any particular rules but rather it gives you choices from good and bad.
Some Basic Rules:

1) Respect your parents. They play role of God on the earth for us. They can never be wrong. If they , explain them with respect. They may have less knowledge but they gave you birth and that obligation can never be paid. They oppose you because they take care of you.

2)  Give respect to Teacher, Guide and Guru. He is the one who gave you eyes to see the world. He is the one who make you understand the word "Knowledge."  He is the one who cares for your good future and bright career. He is the one by whom you are known to the world today.

3) Give Respect to old people. They are responsible for forming this society. They are responsible for your betterment today. They worked hard for their next generation to live happy life. They faced difficulties to make you feel ease. They are base of morale society. They are base of today's development and growth.

4)  Don't lambaste your child in public and extol his virtues in public. Make him understand good and bad thing in private.  Don't ignore his curiosity and dont avoid giving him answers to his questions. The more your child be curious more he will be intelligent. Dont suppress his ideas and his thought. Magnify his virtues and small good things.

5) Dont condemn your friend in public. Dont broadcast faults of your friend to world. Dont make your friend feel inferior in public. If he has any faults , tell him in person.

6) Praise your friend in public. Magnify his small qualities and tell in public. Support your friend in public.

7) Dont praise yourself in pubic. Dont make your self important by speaking it to all, just do it and show your greatness in your work. By praising your self in public, you are inviting your pride which may suppress your future ambitions. Praising one self in public is equivalent to killing oneself.

8) Believe in God.

9) Be Honest. Dont try to cheat anyone. Dont take anything for free. Just get everything by your own money. Things in free is considered to be immoral in Hinduism. You should believe in your hands that they can earn anything they want except those free things. Dont take donations and have self respect.

Many more to come .......pausing till next round of rules...............

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Be with You!

Waking up in the morning with intent to have something different and interesting in life. After having the same break fast ,you go  to office at the same time. Working in company just for money in mind. You work there but under pressure and without any interest only because you have to look after needs of your family. After working at company , you come to home having the same hope of getting something different and interesting in life. Then you engage yourself in problems of your kids, wife and parents. You try to please them all. And again sleeping with the hope of getting something new in life in the next day.
                         Dont you think that  this life is not one which you wanted to live? You want to live life like a sparrow which flies because she love to see sky beyond horizon. It flies because it loves to fly over oceans to see beauty of the world. It speaks in rhythmic way because it loves to sing a song. Dont you wanna live life like a free bird. Dont you wanna do work in which you have great interest and which drives you on? Dont you wanna live life???
                        Life is something which encourages you to gain more knowledge. Life is something like school of knowledge which wants you to study whole syllabus of Karma and want you to pass all exams of difficulties. Life is something which is always in process to enhance your skills and thinking level. The aim of life is to make you realize the aim of life which nothing but a self realization. You win half of the battle of life when you realize that everything happens to me is only because there is something which life wants me to understand . When you will start realizing that when difficulties are coming to your life then it is  actually at that time it is golden time for gaining knowledge. you will not run away from difficulties and will start face them like playing a game.  You have to change your attitude towards tribulations and diffuculties in life. If you take everything negatively like "Why this happens to me?", you will not be able to play this game of life in delighted mood and may be you will not gain the essence behind those tribulations.
                        When you were not able to walk as a kid, Life developed desire in you to walk. When you were  just spending money irresponsibly to gain just pleasures of senses, life gave you tribulation and difficulties to make you realize that life has something beyond this to understand. When you were not able to understand woman's emotions and insulted here, Life gave you a girl child to make you realize that woman has equal status like man. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing is coincident.
                        You might be feeling that why I wrote above two paragraph which is totally irrelevant to first para. But there is a reason. If you consider that I want something new apart from my regular life, you are wrong. Find something new in your regular life. You will definitely get something different and something interesting if you change your attitude to live your life. Change your thinking. Life gives equal opportunity for everyone to have knowledge and happiness. Happiness lies within you not out of you. Try to find it out by changing your point of view and thinking horizon.

Monday, July 18, 2011

False Ego.

I am better than anyone.
None is better than me.
You should follow me.
How can u say this to me?
I am superior.  I am your boss.  I am above you.  I can't be treated like this.  How can u say this to me?  I am totally right.  I can never be wrong.  I don't like this so don't do this.  How can you criticize me? How can I be wrong?  I am perfect . God doesn't exist. Everything is done by me.  I am ruler of you all. I have powers.

                              " I ", "me "  and "my world.". This is the sign of false ego. If you believe in  any one of above sentences , you are having false ego.
                                These kind of persons  are far from self growth and self development. These people feel uncomfortable when something goes beyond their comfort zone and their way of thinking. These kind of people dont believe in helping others. They carry "manners". They only show flamboyance of manners, kindness or care of others. They dont have heart to feel others problem . They cant go beyond their circle of influence and care others sacrificing personal goals or benefits. They dont understand people who sacrifice their life for the cause of other , poor and needy. They call these "freaking" helpful person a FOOL. They think that if you help others ignoring your personal pleasures and benefits then you are moron. If you talk or gossip with your fellow mates below your post or designation,  you are insulting yourself and doesn't suit to your level. They call it so called "Professionalism" to nourish their false ego and also to term it positive. They encourage others to carry same false ego and be professional. This way the whole organization becomes factory full of robots.
Is it Wrong??
                  Is it wrong helping others in office ignoring self benefits?
                  Is it wrong not doing flattering to seniors ?
                  Is it wrong having respect to your juniors?
                  Is it wrong having  tendency to talk to any senior without fear?
                  Do we need to have low, weak voice and fear in words while talking to seniors?
                  Is it wrong coming out of our comfort zone and try to address some personal problems of my colleague?
                  Is it wrong in thinking about poor and talk to them and resolve their problems?
                  Is it wrong in talking to people from below standard with respect?
                  Does only rich have respect?


Monday, June 6, 2011

Fighting with Oneself.

When there is question of fighting with yourself, people got amazed and often ignore it. But every human being fights with oneself everyday and every moment. Let me give you example.
Whenever you want to a dearer tee and you dont have money , you fight with your self and over come your mind to not to buy it.
Whenever you want to have an Ice cream and  you see your child is seek  , you fight with your self to not to have it in order to restrain your child from having an ice-cream because he is ill.
Whenever you see some transgression is happening and your  senses naturally attracted to that, you fight with your self to resist yourself from doing that sinful activity.
Whenever we are offered bribe being principled and moral person, you fight yourself to avoid these avaricious and follow your morals.
                     So are we doing right in restraining our self from whatever we want to do? Are we right in suppressing our self from attractions or things we may like to do? Are we right in thinking of others and morals against our needs and desires? Should we leave our necessities in order to follow morals and help others?
                     Answer is "Its depends on you and your way of thinking" .
Ya answer is not so good but its the fact.
I have seen people thinking of none against their needs and desires. I have seen people want to help as much poor as they can because they have pity in their nature and have kindness in their nature. I have seen people who neither say no or yes and just follow the path of time. These people do whatever time and conditions permits.

                    People dont want to think beyond their circumference and horizon. People feel that why should I think that , I am not philanthropist or social worker. They think that I am given life to enjoy my life then why should I think of others or any damn morals. They go to office and work for money, come to home and work for home, go to temple for begging for wealth and good fortune and take a long sleep. Nothing new in their life. People even like this so called "Peaceful" life. Are we becoming animals ? How are we different from animals? Dont you think we should change our self from this so callled "Regular" routine? Have you ever restrain your self from what you should not do? Have your ever stopped your self from following regular routine and go to even see what poor people are doing when they dont have money to have food for one day? Have your ever felt the condition when mother trying to make her baby sleep to stop her asking for food? Why we are not thinking this? Why we not even think for other out side our influence circle?


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blind Race

People are blind for anything they like or think good. People are running behind mirage. They just see someone winning any sport game and run behind them. What we are getting after chilling , watching for hours and feeling ecstasy for nothing. I am not condemning any parties, fun or enjoyment but just trying to put one thought. If any national team wins a cup in any sports then does that mean we have achieved lot? Does that mean India is super power? Does that means our sports condition will improve? Does that mean India will be more transparent in terms of Government service sector? Does that mean India have won the world? Why people give too much importance to any sportpersons? Are they really like god who gave us birth and all amenities to live life comfortably? How can we compare God and Religion with any sport event? Can 2-3 days of enjoyment will decide country's future?
People are directed in wrong ways. People are intentionally made addicted for Sports and Entertainment(e.g. TV, Movies and all). People give hyperbolic status to those persons involved in this mediums. For earning more and for getting highest status in society , these mediums make people addicted to Movies ..sports and all. Imagine one thing if People wont see any movie then can Actors be that much important to our country? If people dont see movies then can Actors be wealthier like anything?? We are the people responsible for ruining our life for just TV, Movies and Internet. Their usage is more then exaggerated. We need to look at our limits and use these medias in moderate way. Dont exaggerate your emotions for just nothing on TV. Just think twice about your personal time wastage and mind distraction.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The way is wrong

When i see people being crazy after cricket or bollywood movies, i really feel sad about current generation. People in modern era just want entertainment and craze ,nothing more. People have forgot their aim of life and they become happy when their favorite star wins anything. People imagine in that place and become proud of it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In the Shadow of Non-Violence

Hindus dont believe in Non-violence under shade of cowardliness. Hindus instead worship their arms on Dashera and show strength to their enemies. Hindu nation will never have non-violence as policy as currently India have. No nation can be non-violent as far as national security and integrity is concerned. Bharat has been land of great VIR kings and Rajvadas who were eager to demolish the rule of injustice and falsehood. Non-violence as nation has never been policy for Hindu. Hindus instead were taught from childhood to demolish each and every unjust and sins they see. "Virata" seems to be disappeared in the name of Non-violence in this world. Remember Abhimanyu who knew that I dont know the 7th chakravyuh and my death if fixed but still he went to crack chakravyuh and sacrifice his life. Remember Bharata , the Great king of India, who loved to ride on Lion. Remember Maurya , man from slums become king of India. Remember Parshuram , who killed each and every Kings from the earth  who were become uncontrolled and cruel to people. Remember Shivaji , Maharana Pratap , Zhansi ki Rani, many people in the past showed their bravery and patriotism to their religion and nation. Now again there is need to reestablish Bravery and "VIRRAS" in Hinus.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Self Control

Things often get worsen when you are not in your control.
Control..term tells us to stay away or abdicate something but what and why?
Stay away from your attraction , your familiarity, your habit, your ignorance of responsibilities, greediness and Lie or falsehood.
We often like something to do and we often do it but when it takes time span of your valuable time , then your downturn begins.
Human being has tendency to not to do things good and not to be good. He can be easily attracted to things which is immoral and pathetic. Man more like things favorable to him and which gives him pleasure. Its tendency of people to go after easy and quick flow and mimic others who are good.
What one has to do to control himself.??
I generally give suggestion of Meditation but it doesn't work if you have no faith in God ,consistency and proper guidance. Then what else can work . The answer is KNOWLEDGE. Only one thing works in current world and that is Logical understanding.
If you accept things logically then it will explain you by it self that why you should resist doing something. Lets take an example, Ramesh was addicted to spit on the soil. He used to do it even in Home compound. All family members were irritated by his this habit. One day one saint came to his village and gave Speech on Mother Soil. Saint explained everyone in a different way. He told that , we are humans made of five elements and one of them is Soil. We are made up of Soil. There are innumerable reasons why we should consider Soil as mother. Soil gives us birth, it gives us Food to run our life. It produces Tree to give us Oxygen to breath, It gives us Shelter , it gives us Home which is made of material from Soil, It gives us all needed things to run life in better way. If one thing gives you so many things with out asking in reward, then why cant you respect it. Why cant you salute it and be thankful to it.
Can anyone spit on Soil after putting it in place of mother? Definitely No . So today the thing required to control your self and step up to path to Truth and Responsibilities ,is KNOWLEDGE but to be taken  with respect and politeness.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

luminous Within

Have you ever tried to look within and inspect for something called positivity?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

अपिचेत्सुदुराचारो !!!

अपिचेत्सुदुराचारो .If you are full of sins, bad deeds and bad character but if you repent by heart , you realize your faults and want true way to live in then God comes to you and say "you are mine"....................
Isn't it great and loving thing you have ever heard...??
This phrase is said by Krishna in Bhagvat Geeta. Krishna explains Arjuna and make him understand that  even if Man , full of sins and bad deeds realize all his Bad Karma and wants true way then he should not shy or avoid or fear from God or God's way. God welcomes all and take you to his heart and give you consolidation and inspiration for new, fresh  life towards God and truth.
This kind of Kindness and love should be known by every human being who wants to change his path to honesty, altruism and Kindness. God welcomes all.