Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life ...a lesson rather than a belligerency.

People are habited to see life as fighting experience. They fight against each and every bad moments and bad persons. They see life as the belligerent situation in which they have to reach to goal by anyway. They often assume fighting against circumstances and their own limitations will support them to reach to goal. In most of the situation these people fell down and get into deep stress.
Fight Fight and Fight..........is it every thing in human life.
People are competitive in this world in which they are fighting for marks, wealth and limitations to gain something or to make others down. In most of the situation people like to get something to show to everyone not because they need it or want it or having dream for that.
Competition may give you success and prestige but no mental peace or satisfaction. Competition will surely give you stress and repent. It will give you prematurity and bluntness. You will no longer have interest in life or in surrounding world along with competition. You will again fight for getting freedom from stress and get peace.
Whats d solution??
We all want to gain prestige, Money , success and Goal. But for that we feel competition is the only way and which is the most stressful and unsatisfactory.  So what to do??
Do everything and think nothing. Do 100% and desire nothing. Work for 100% but not for the point to make anybody down or for your promotions or any gains but for your interest. Apply interest and innovation in everything. Forget everything when you are with your friends , family , functions or festivals. Take out quality time for your own fun and to spend with yourself. If you are feeling stress with your work then leave it and if you cant leave it then apply some innovations, take breaks, avoid stretching your self. Your mind, body and mental fittness is more important than anything so if the time you feel boring or not having interest with your job then simply leave it. You should believe in yourself that you can get any damn job. You have two hands and one mind to work so definitely if you are ready to work then none has power to stop you.. The only thing you should have it patience. Believe in God and do Work , your job with 100% skills and interest and satisfaction. Kudos...........

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