Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Are you really confused between good and evil?
you really have ambiguity between what to do and what not to do??
These are some Indian customs , principles and tradition which Most of Indian(Hindu) follows. An Indian have more mature and calm mind than anyone only because of some ancient traditions he follows.
Some Tips:-
1) Whenever you start working ...just forget about result. Do best in your work, result will follow you.(By Holy book Geeta) 
2) Dont abuse or correct others in front of everyone ..just tell him personally and help him improve himself.
3) Dont praise yourself before everyone..this is the worst sign of degradation of mental and money power. Is is also sign of pride and bluntness. Just work at best only work can speak for you.
4) Accept the fact and dont arque if you are wrong. Accept your mistakes and try to correct them.
5) Dont even curse yourself . Just feel like prince of the world. But at the same time dont show it off. if you are prince you have to be wise and equal for everyone. Just imagine if each and every people feel being prince of the world then poverty from mind will be washed away.
6) you are son of God. remember it whenever you are about to do something wrong. Ask your self.."Is it suitable to son of God?" "What are your responsibility being(rather realizing ) son of God?" "What are the powers of son of God?"..........once you realize it you will never feel inferior.
7) Be the same to all. Dont make yourself split into dual persona. Be yourself to all.
8) You can never cheat your self. So what are you blaming, criticizing or cursing to anyone....look at your self. are you perfect?? If not you dont have right to pass comment about anyone. 
9) Feel God each and every time. Feel like close to God. This will feel like protective and friendliness. You will feel safe in presence of God. Feel like God is carying you each and everytime and taking you care. God wants to Hug you and want you to be Good son of him
10) Read ONLY good books. stay away from addictive and virtual and myth books. It just engages yourself into most imaginative and non real world. You can never think of being real and face reality in waves of imagination. Face reality and fulfill your dreams. Success is waiting for you. Its you who is not serious to  get it. Imaginative and virtual world will weaken your spirit and strength of getting success.

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