Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Self Control

Why man cant control himself by so many subjects even if he knows that it would be harmful in future and can result in destruction of  his own  life by his own hands?
He knows that that thing is bad but still he is so desperate to get the same thing at any cost without looking at future results.
I agree bad things always attracts you towards itself and they force you to do bad things but God gave us some power of self control , thinking and understanding so why dont you use them and stay away from those bad subjects or habits or things.
I think man should always think twice before doing anything not to just  write this simple and conventional statement but if you really apply in your life then it really works.
If you think of future impacts of your work , its effect and positive and negative side before attempting that work or doing something , then I'm sure you can inhabit your self from doing some wrong thing.
If you are going to do some very wrong and insane thing and by chance you follow above steps, I'm sure you will not do this and you can control your mind.