Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Way of thinking

Have you thought of others or always being self oriented??
Hey if you are saying that looking at poor you gave some money is thinking of others ......Looking at your helpless friends you helped him is your thinking for others...You have pity for animals is thinking of others...You regret all corruption or wrong decisions made by our leaders is thinking for country..Then its totally WRONG. Thinking of others is contributing you time, money and skills for getting nothing. If you are expecting your self to be highlighted by any media whether they are friends or electronic media, then you are doing all good things for your own mean. You are eventually thinking of your self only....Selflessness is the thing mostly missing from current society. None thinking for others without their means. Yes you are definitely getting nothing but still if you are doing then in directly thats what God wants you to do. Praying God is not AArti, Mantra, Prayer or service to God. Praying God is serving people and understand their emotions. Contribute you self in engagement of feeling others pain.

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