Saturday, August 21, 2010

Play and Fun

Meaning less play will never do some fruitful to your personality and your future. Games are typically meant for mental and physical exercise. People must prefer to play some games outside for making physic strong and bright. Krishna used to play game of Gilli -Dandi with all his Friends of Gokula on every evening. Krishna used to discuss some social issues and some good conducts with his friends. So games are base for social revolution. Its experimented successfully by Rev. Dadaji. Fun should not just to enjoy moments meaning less and just non memorable. Fun should include all kind of discussions which affect social and personal issues and which makes you happy. Fun can be drawn out of any incident of life and any activities of life. Fun is the positive way of thinking of your own. People in India make any incident so enjoyable that it look like festival of the year. There are many festivals coming in this month which we all enjoy so blissfully that gives us essence of living. Really Fun , Festivals and Play are the factors which can be one of the factors to review your life and may guide to enjoyable life .

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