Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Day of Journey

Many times life wonders with very good experiences and achievements but are you capable enough to enjoy it.......Probably no or not 100%.
Which Factor makes you think about problems and difficulties always. Why you feel uncomfortable even you succeed and got something fruitful. Because you are not living life....the thing you are living is nothing but a burden...The day you will start living you will find each and every moment wonderful and enjoyable.. If you wanna learn living then read books of most positive Gandhiji, Pandurang Shashtry, Swami Vivekanand, Mother Teresa, Kunti , Krishna and Rama.
You must be wondering about last three or four names as they have not written or highlighted about books because their life itself lession of Living.
[1] Kunti : She tolerated all the difficulties that sums all that can be tolerated by any woman. She is perfect Example of wife, mother,mother in law, Queen and most important Woman.
She told Krishna one time that "Please give me more difficulties so that I can remember God more".
She was alone in her own battle.She lost her husband in early age and have burden of Five children. She left her children for years for Vanvas and stays with the people who forced her children to spend years Vanvas. She served her brother in law and her wife all her life. She saw her child Karna fighting with his own brother. She was the lady of courage.

Other chapters I'll open up later on..bye

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