Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life ...a lesson rather than a belligerency.

People are habited to see life as fighting experience. They fight against each and every bad moments and bad persons. They see life as the belligerent situation in which they have to reach to goal by anyway. They often assume fighting against circumstances and their own limitations will support them to reach to goal. In most of the situation these people fell down and get into deep stress.
Fight Fight and Fight..........is it every thing in human life.
People are competitive in this world in which they are fighting for marks, wealth and limitations to gain something or to make others down. In most of the situation people like to get something to show to everyone not because they need it or want it or having dream for that.
Competition may give you success and prestige but no mental peace or satisfaction. Competition will surely give you stress and repent. It will give you prematurity and bluntness. You will no longer have interest in life or in surrounding world along with competition. You will again fight for getting freedom from stress and get peace.
Whats d solution??
We all want to gain prestige, Money , success and Goal. But for that we feel competition is the only way and which is the most stressful and unsatisfactory.  So what to do??
Do everything and think nothing. Do 100% and desire nothing. Work for 100% but not for the point to make anybody down or for your promotions or any gains but for your interest. Apply interest and innovation in everything. Forget everything when you are with your friends , family , functions or festivals. Take out quality time for your own fun and to spend with yourself. If you are feeling stress with your work then leave it and if you cant leave it then apply some innovations, take breaks, avoid stretching your self. Your mind, body and mental fittness is more important than anything so if the time you feel boring or not having interest with your job then simply leave it. You should believe in yourself that you can get any damn job. You have two hands and one mind to work so definitely if you are ready to work then none has power to stop you.. The only thing you should have it patience. Believe in God and do Work , your job with 100% skills and interest and satisfaction. Kudos...........

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Are you really confused between good and evil?
you really have ambiguity between what to do and what not to do??
These are some Indian customs , principles and tradition which Most of Indian(Hindu) follows. An Indian have more mature and calm mind than anyone only because of some ancient traditions he follows.
Some Tips:-
1) Whenever you start working ...just forget about result. Do best in your work, result will follow you.(By Holy book Geeta) 
2) Dont abuse or correct others in front of everyone ..just tell him personally and help him improve himself.
3) Dont praise yourself before everyone..this is the worst sign of degradation of mental and money power. Is is also sign of pride and bluntness. Just work at best only work can speak for you.
4) Accept the fact and dont arque if you are wrong. Accept your mistakes and try to correct them.
5) Dont even curse yourself . Just feel like prince of the world. But at the same time dont show it off. if you are prince you have to be wise and equal for everyone. Just imagine if each and every people feel being prince of the world then poverty from mind will be washed away.
6) you are son of God. remember it whenever you are about to do something wrong. Ask your self.."Is it suitable to son of God?" "What are your responsibility being(rather realizing ) son of God?" "What are the powers of son of God?"..........once you realize it you will never feel inferior.
7) Be the same to all. Dont make yourself split into dual persona. Be yourself to all.
8) You can never cheat your self. So what are you blaming, criticizing or cursing to anyone....look at your self. are you perfect?? If not you dont have right to pass comment about anyone. 
9) Feel God each and every time. Feel like close to God. This will feel like protective and friendliness. You will feel safe in presence of God. Feel like God is carying you each and everytime and taking you care. God wants to Hug you and want you to be Good son of him
10) Read ONLY good books. stay away from addictive and virtual and myth books. It just engages yourself into most imaginative and non real world. You can never think of being real and face reality in waves of imagination. Face reality and fulfill your dreams. Success is waiting for you. Its you who is not serious to  get it. Imaginative and virtual world will weaken your spirit and strength of getting success.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Self Control

Why man cant control himself by so many subjects even if he knows that it would be harmful in future and can result in destruction of  his own  life by his own hands?
He knows that that thing is bad but still he is so desperate to get the same thing at any cost without looking at future results.
I agree bad things always attracts you towards itself and they force you to do bad things but God gave us some power of self control , thinking and understanding so why dont you use them and stay away from those bad subjects or habits or things.
I think man should always think twice before doing anything not to just  write this simple and conventional statement but if you really apply in your life then it really works.
If you think of future impacts of your work , its effect and positive and negative side before attempting that work or doing something , then I'm sure you can inhabit your self from doing some wrong thing.
If you are going to do some very wrong and insane thing and by chance you follow above steps, I'm sure you will not do this and you can control your mind.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Play and Fun

Meaning less play will never do some fruitful to your personality and your future. Games are typically meant for mental and physical exercise. People must prefer to play some games outside for making physic strong and bright. Krishna used to play game of Gilli -Dandi with all his Friends of Gokula on every evening. Krishna used to discuss some social issues and some good conducts with his friends. So games are base for social revolution. Its experimented successfully by Rev. Dadaji. Fun should not just to enjoy moments meaning less and just non memorable. Fun should include all kind of discussions which affect social and personal issues and which makes you happy. Fun can be drawn out of any incident of life and any activities of life. Fun is the positive way of thinking of your own. People in India make any incident so enjoyable that it look like festival of the year. There are many festivals coming in this month which we all enjoy so blissfully that gives us essence of living. Really Fun , Festivals and Play are the factors which can be one of the factors to review your life and may guide to enjoyable life .

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Divinity is not concerned with any God or Human. Its a process between a Human being and Global Power.
Even if atheist doesnt want to have faith in God , they in directly form bridge between them  and God every day and night.Whenever they(atheist) do their work 100% accurate  they make God happy. Whenever they give respect to elders , they make God happy. Whenever they love , they make God happy. Whenever they think of others, Do something for others , they make God happy. Whenever they make God happy , they come nearer to God. God is not only in  prayers , names , temples, church , mosque or idol. God is there in everything even in emotions. Whenever you feel good , God is there in you. Whenever you feel pleasant, God is there in you. Whenever you achieve Goal , you make God happy. God is like mother..She doesnt want their sons to work anything for her. She doesnt want their children to get afraid of her. Mother is very loving. She gets happy whenever their child does something fruitful and useful. Mother doesnt want any compensation for her work for children. She just want to Love their children. Same way God.


Sin doesn't have any escapes. Sin can never have any good intention and its always result in Crime and Bad work.
Sin will never give you peace and silence. You will never feel calm after doing sin.
Sin in its definition is a work, intention, thought or collection of process which may make you happier for a while but results in harmful to others and will always remind you in each and every good work that there is something bad I deed. Sin takes your patience and peace of mind. If you are doing something fruitful for yourself but it may be not for others or/and  harmful and obstacle to truth or good work then its Sin.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Way of thinking

Have you thought of others or always being self oriented??
Hey if you are saying that looking at poor you gave some money is thinking of others ......Looking at your helpless friends you helped him is your thinking for others...You have pity for animals is thinking of others...You regret all corruption or wrong decisions made by our leaders is thinking for country..Then its totally WRONG. Thinking of others is contributing you time, money and skills for getting nothing. If you are expecting your self to be highlighted by any media whether they are friends or electronic media, then you are doing all good things for your own mean. You are eventually thinking of your self only....Selflessness is the thing mostly missing from current society. None thinking for others without their means. Yes you are definitely getting nothing but still if you are doing then in directly thats what God wants you to do. Praying God is not AArti, Mantra, Prayer or service to God. Praying God is serving people and understand their emotions. Contribute you self in engagement of feeling others pain.


Yes chapters life has chapters. One is love , second is loss, third is hate ,fourth is abandon and so on.. Our saints has divided our life into four chapters...1st Brahmcharya(Abondon) 2nd is Gruhasthashram(Accepting all subjects ,enjoyment), 3rd is Van prasthshashram(Take your self away from all subjects and relations) 4th Sanystashram(Integrate your self with God).
Strategically  this division means a lot. If you go into deep , you will find all emotions ,all relations, all responsibilities , all angles of living come into these four chapters.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Day of Journey

Many times life wonders with very good experiences and achievements but are you capable enough to enjoy it.......Probably no or not 100%.
Which Factor makes you think about problems and difficulties always. Why you feel uncomfortable even you succeed and got something fruitful. Because you are not living life....the thing you are living is nothing but a burden...The day you will start living you will find each and every moment wonderful and enjoyable.. If you wanna learn living then read books of most positive people..like Gandhiji, Pandurang Shashtry, Swami Vivekanand, Mother Teresa, Kunti , Krishna and Rama.
You must be wondering about last three or four names as they have not written or highlighted about books because their life itself lession of Living.
[1] Kunti : She tolerated all the difficulties that sums all that can be tolerated by any woman. She is perfect Example of wife, mother,mother in law, Queen and most important Woman.
She told Krishna one time that "Please give me more difficulties so that I can remember God more".
She was alone in her own battle.She lost her husband in early age and have burden of Five children. She left her children for years for Vanvas and stays with the people who forced her children to spend years Vanvas. She served her brother in law and her wife all her life. She saw her child Karna fighting with his own brother. She was the lady of courage.

Other chapters I'll open up later on..bye