Saturday, April 19, 2014

Loving your life...!!

Many people on this earth, around you, may not like their lives. They may be finding many reasons to hate their lives. They may blame it on system, government, neighbours, tv  or may be God. They are always unhappy and unsatisfied. For them, this life is nothing but a curse. They feel the pain at each and every moment. Small difficulties become gigantic for them. And they are always looking for some change, miracle or the moment to change.

But unfortunately for 99% of those frustrated people, this change or miracle or moment never happens. And they live whole life without enjoying it. Its very important to cherish and enjoy each and every moment in your life. Life is never perfect for many people, but that doesn't mean you ignore little happiness moments happening in your life. You may think that you have never seen happiness moments in may be past year, month or days. But actually, it occurs everyday and in every moment. Your eyes, full of disappointments, simply ignores it. Worrying about future will not change it. Its all about present and your actions which matters

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Life is a Celebration............!!!!

Life is not short. Life is not so bad. Life is not painful. Life is not paying karma of our past deeds. Life is not sin. Life is not war. Life is no play or drama. Life is not a game. Life is a different from what you have been hearing from bollywood songs, movies, Gurus, people aroung you.

Life is something different. You might have never seen life from that angle. Life is a feeling. Life is the product of nature. Life is the essence of humanity. Life is God's love. Life is God's greatest gift. Life is the fresh droplets on fresh green leaves.  You feel life when you see mother cow feeding milk to baby calves and licking its whole body as the gesture of love. Life is when sparrow goes on hunting for some food to feed its babies by its beak. Life is when new mother looks into her baby's eyes for the first time and gives a beautiful smile. Life is when children in the village playing games and enjoying among themselves with innocent smiles without taking care of their career, responsibilities or relationships. Life is when young man helps elderly man to guide him through traffic lanes. Life is when a aged mother bids adiue with wet eye  to her newly married daughter . Life is when you hangout with your best friends and share everything you couldn't share at home.

Life just want a smile in your face. Life is not so harsh as you think. Life just want to teach you  to be careful and live better . Life doesnt give you reason for  smile. Hard-work and failure is not an excuse to be sad. Sadness is just a state of mind which actually an absence of happiness. If you actually live your life, you accept failure as an enjoyment to learn something new. Sometimes I wonder why people take exams, task, project etc like a challenge. Its all mediums to enjoy life in  a better way. Taking chellenges is the way you mold life in right direction. Taking on difficulties feels oneself stroger from within. Boring life without any new thing makes you sloth,gloomy and distressful. You start seeing faults and negativeness in any news thing. New tasks, projects etc gives you more colours in your life. If you take failure, hard-work, projects etc as an element to enjoy life, you will never get distressed.

View life differently and wisely. Whatever comes in your life is a Gift sent by God. There is a purpose of everything you come across. Gift are sent to make you feel that you are precious one. Always think in that way. We are precious ones because we are children of God having his gift called LIFE.

Take care of your Gift.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Virtual World- The main deterrence of current generation

When I say virtual world , many things comes in my mind. The most important things which falls under this category is TV, Internet, Movies, Games, Magazines, Novels or similar kinda books etc. Again the question is raised that why we need to look into this matter? Why we are discussing effects of virtual world in this current generation?

Today TV is considered to be the source of entertainment. People call it idiot box but still they are addicted to it. Billion dollars business is only because of TV. People are already aware that watching TV is nothing but wasting your precious time but still they fall in that well happily.

Today's generation waste hours watching crap programs. TV has been part of their daily routine. They can't survive without TV for even 1 day. Their preferences are changed and their mentality is totally decided on their TV programs. People don't understand harmfulness of TV and allow little kids to watch anything they like it. TV can not filter information and show it age wise. So children are exposed to all adult material through TV. Even small deo ad can cause dangerous effects on mind of small child. Some dialogues and TV scenes causes dangerous effects on plain mind of small child. Child doesn't know about how better that information on TV so he watches it as a time pass. Parents can not estimate long term effects of TV on child mind. Overall it is cause of concern when any TV scene or dialogues approaches to children and not filtered.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Problem - A point of view which matters the most.

We all think that our life is full of problems. We often curse God for that. We find ourselves the most cursed human who face problems in all stages which comes along with your success or desires. We often consider ourselves the different one who has some big problems in Kundali, Birth dates, circumstances, parents, sisters, brothers, job, social life, caste, nation or nature. We always blame others for problems we are facing in our life. We feel distressed when we try and fail to solve big problems.

Is problem really matters? Is it so big to be considered as a main obstacle of our own growth? are problems hindrance to our growth or success?

The answers is NO. Problem is real essence of life. Life is nothing but a flat and tasteless object if you remove problem from it. Problems gives a shape to your life and personality. Problems are the real matter to concern. We should be pleased when problem comes in our life. Problems gives us the resistance power to fight future calamities.

Lets take an example. Consider a situation where you live in a simple town which is considered to be safest for living. You are not habitual and you don't have any knowledge about how to tackle any natural calamity because  you have never seen any. You have never faced any earth quakes in your entire life and you just heard  about quakes in books. You have never arranged any precautionary instruments for the time when actual earth quake occurs. You can never think of calamity which you have never faced. If such big calamity comes to your town, you will fail to survive because you are not taught to. You are not taught by your experiences to survive in such condition. On other hand people who love in earth quake prone zone have all sage guards in hand and they can easily survive in such condition because they have already faced it several times.

So actually Problems are to train you in right direction. Struggle is to shape your point of view and personality. Difficulties are real treasures of self esteem and self confidence. Don't move away from problems. Just face it and enjoy it.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Life and Death-Spiritually....

We are Living!!!
Have you ever felt your liveliness? May be Never?
Have you ever thought that you are living one like butterfly and like beautiful flowers!!!
Have you ever felt the essence of yourself?
Have you ever felt being live and human is the most beautiful thing in the world!!!!!!
Yes ! You are living. This thing is the most beautiful and lively!!!!!
I can see Life in eyes of Black people. I can see life sprinkled in eyes of handicapped person.
I can see life coming out of eyes from old people. I can see life in me. I can see life in sound of Nature.
I can see life in smile of a little baby. How beautiful! Life is something which is naturally given to enjoy and to live it like King size.

But while we are living we often forget the importance of it. We get fluctuated from our actual path. We don't realize that we are living.  We often go and consider our life as a pain. We often curse our life and forget how wonder we are and our life is. We get distressed and dismay for smaller things but you often forget that you have the most important thing in the world to be happy and that thing is your life. Life is the source of happiness and jolliness. Realizing your liveliness will make you feel elevated. Realizing each and every breath you are taking will make you feel ecstasy of eternal realization of thyself.

Life always see other life happily. So when you see other with anger or jealousy,  you often forget to see life in him which is the same in you. The moment you realize that he has the same element as mine, you will start loving him.

Life is fun...Life is joy. Its insult to life and your self to say that you are depressed and you feel inferior. Life is gives you importance. Life gives you aim and strength to achieve your goal. Life makes you feel blessed.

Life is nothing but a joyful learning phase. You don't need to have fear of hell or heaven while living your life. Life can not be lived by any fear. Yes there has to be some restriction in order to progress but fear is not desirable. Life is independence but with all constructive restrictions.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Limitations are meant to be broken.

When someone says that thing is beyond my limit...When someone says that.. "I cant do this".....When someone says that "I am not eligible"....When someone says that.. "I am nothing before him"............................ ,I feel ashamed of calling them Humans.

                                            Who decides your limitation? Who decides your capacity? Your teacher? Your mother? You?? No!! Its circumstances which form your limitation   Ask guy from tribe of Africa , How he survives living in the most unhygienic atmosphere. Ask Person from Somaliya living in the ravenous condition for years. Ask this thing for those who have guinnesse book of records for having out standing records inspite of having human like us. Ask this question to those who have cancer and still have smiles. Ask Gandhi who won freedom for India with not a single drop of Blood. Was "Freedom with non -violence " possible before 1947? Ask same question to Obama..Could a single American even think of getting Black Person as President before 50 years?
                                            Limitations are never defined or invariable. They are always meant to be broken. Limitations are something formed by Human nature or Human understanding which he derived from his surrounding or may be from his education or schools. People never believed man flying before right brother invented Plane and fly for the first time. We are the person who bound ourselves in boundries formed by our psychological influences. When we were of age 5 , our limitation was to ride a scooter. When we were of age 10, our limitation was to comprehend Calculus. Time and Period is also one of the factor which determine limitation. As it  passes, limitation is automatically overcome.
                                      We are acutually binding ourself with so much limitation that we think twice before doing any handy work. Even if you are able to do that work but because of having idea of your limitation , you can hardly do it. If you firmly think that some work can be done by you in slice of time , may be you can do that work successfully. So limits are nothing but virtual boundries which are actually hinders for any optimist and the person who has some goals in life. Probably when they realize that they can do it, time has already passed. So recognization of your powers and your expertise in early stages is also important to gain boons.

How to know what you can do?
                     "Impossible is nothing. Everything is possible" Its an old idiom which is difficult to digest. So better follow some practical steps.
1) See what others can do.
                      As I told you in second para that there are other people who can do things like miracles in their life which is difficult for  normal human because "Normal Human know his limitation and Those great people doesnt". If those normal people have sane brain , same hands, same eyes, same mind and with all these if they can do everything they determine , why can I do? The point which is important here is "Determination" and Attitude of "Never Give up".

2) Tell your self daily that " I can do everything. I have enormous powers. I can do "this" ". Believe in your self. Give some time to your self.

3) Love yourself. Dont indulge into hurting yourself by any means. Your body Your soul is gift of God. Love it and Make it useful for God.

4)_Look at Handicapped . If they can do so manythings with only one hand  or no eyes or no legs or whatever lacking, I am perfect.. What I can do...................

5) Read books which empowers your mind and which makes you full of viva and energy.

6) Help others. Ya helping other will help you love yourself and which gives you internal satisfaction. But help has to be selfless and totally devoted.

At last.. Just keep faith in God. He is with you. He is in you. He sees everything. When you are in difficulty, He sends someone to help you. So show him that you need no help. You can do it by yourself. Be great son of Father God..................

Friday, August 12, 2011

Some Eternal Rules that One SHOULD Follow.

In Hinduism there are some basic understandings which one should follow in order to make one's life truthful, joyful and grateful. One can be proud father, mother, son, brother and friend by following these basic principles. Hinduism has never forced anyone  to follow any particular rules but rather it gives you choices from good and bad.
Some Basic Rules:

1) Respect your parents. They play role of God on the earth for us. They can never be wrong. If they , explain them with respect. They may have less knowledge but they gave you birth and that obligation can never be paid. They oppose you because they take care of you.

2)  Give respect to Teacher, Guide and Guru. He is the one who gave you eyes to see the world. He is the one who make you understand the word "Knowledge."  He is the one who cares for your good future and bright career. He is the one by whom you are known to the world today.

3) Give Respect to old people. They are responsible for forming this society. They are responsible for your betterment today. They worked hard for their next generation to live happy life. They faced difficulties to make you feel ease. They are base of morale society. They are base of today's development and growth.

4)  Don't lambaste your child in public and extol his virtues in public. Make him understand good and bad thing in private.  Don't ignore his curiosity and dont avoid giving him answers to his questions. The more your child be curious more he will be intelligent. Dont suppress his ideas and his thought. Magnify his virtues and small good things.

5) Dont condemn your friend in public. Dont broadcast faults of your friend to world. Dont make your friend feel inferior in public. If he has any faults , tell him in person.

6) Praise your friend in public. Magnify his small qualities and tell in public. Support your friend in public.

7) Dont praise yourself in pubic. Dont make your self important by speaking it to all, just do it and show your greatness in your work. By praising your self in public, you are inviting your pride which may suppress your future ambitions. Praising one self in public is equivalent to killing oneself.

8) Believe in God.

9) Be Honest. Dont try to cheat anyone. Dont take anything for free. Just get everything by your own money. Things in free is considered to be immoral in Hinduism. You should believe in your hands that they can earn anything they want except those free things. Dont take donations and have self respect.

Many more to come .......pausing till next round of rules...............